Technology Business Exchange

If you’ve ever thought about buying or selling a technology business, you’ve come to the right place …

While there are many intermediaries and business brokers out there, most don’t know the difference between a drill bit and a data bit, or a commuter bus and a computer bus.  Some can barely handle their email !!!

My name is Jay Fenello, and unlike most M&A specialists, I do have a technology background.  In fact, I’m a computer engineer by training, and have done hardware and software design for IBM.  I’ve even founded several Internet startups (you can see my resume on LinkedIn for details).  More important to you, I also have an MBA in entrepreneurship, and dozens of years of successful M&A experience behind me.

Now, I’m not here to list your business for sale.  Instead, I’m here to work with you as a consultant to achieve your M&A goals.  I know that technology deals are very sensitive to finding the right target for your transaction, and that a little prep work beforehand can make a huge difference in the value you realize in a transaction.

And working with someone who understands technology is critical to your M&A success.

If you’re looking to grow through acquisitions, I can help you define your search criteria, find appropriate businesses, and negotiate a successful outcome.  If you’re looking to sell or be acquired by a bigger company, I can help you prepare your business for sale to realize maximum value in the marketplace.

Either way, please feel free to contact me to explore your options in detail.  I’m standing by to help …