Why Use BizPlacements.com

Here are some benefits to working with BizPlacements.com:

Automation – We use automation to take listings, qualify buyers, execute non-disclosure agreements, to track disclosures to potential buyers, and to give weekly reports to all clients listed with us

Lower Minimums – Because of our efficient operations, we are able to provide superior service at lower costs, with low minimum success fees, commission rates, and no up-front fees for our standard listings.

Flexible Listing Price – We do not restrict the initial listing price. We believe that any business can sell at a premium or a discount, depending on the market conditions at the time of sale, and the respective motivations of the buyer and seller.  Instead of limiting sellers to a low listing price, we will go to market at any reasonable price, and work with you over time to improve your listing, and to adjust your price based on the results you see in the marketplace.

Distressed Business Listings – We do not restrict business listings to those that have positive growth in earnings and profits, have perfect books and records, or are in desirable industries.  We believe that every business has a potential buyer, and our job is to find that buyer for our clients.

Multiple Broker Model – With our full service listings, we agree to co-broker (split our commission) with other business brokers and realtors.  This will make your listing available to thousands of business brokers throughout the nation.

Discount Fee Option – For businesses that sell for less than $100,000 with only one broker involved, we will automatically discount our fee on a sliding scale down to as little as $2,500.

To see a summary of BizPlacement‘s listing services, please see our Plan Comparison to continue.