Plan Comparison Listings Sold Listings Sold
for < $100,000 with
1 Broker involved
Commission Rate
10% 7.5%
Minimum Success Fee $10,000 + $2,500
Up Front Fees
(for a 1 year listing)
$0 $0
Weekly Reports Yes Yes
Restrictions on
Listing Price
No No
Requires Clean
Books & Records
No No
Requires Business
to be Profitable
No No
Requires Positive
Trends in Sales
and Earnings
No No
Limits Business
Type & Category
No No
(split commissions
with Buyer’s Broker)
Yes No
Monthly Mailers
(to over 1500 registered buyers,
and 200 business brokers)
Yes Yes
Public Websites
(New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Atlanta Business Chronicle)
Yes Yes

Bottom line, a Listing offers better service, easier terms, and significant visibility to help you sell your business quickly.  To learn more about listing your business with us, please see Our Selling Process to continue.