Buy a Business

When you’re ready to buy a business, you can greatly benefit by working with a Business Broker who can look out for your interests, and help you avoid the common mistakes that can cost you down the road.  Best of all, the fees associated with this representation is often available at no cost to you:

Did you know that (in Georgia at least) …

  • Brokerage fees for listed businesses are typically paid for by the Seller.
  • Buyers working with a Business Broker are not represented by that Broker, unless they have signed a Buyer’s Agency agreement.
  • If a Business Broker isn’t working for you (the Buyer), they are usually working for the Seller’s interests.
  • Whether a Business Broker represents you or the Seller, the Broker typically earns the same compensation.

To find out how Jay can help you with your next business transaction,
please select the option that most closely matches your situation:

    • If you’re looking to “buy a job,” or transition from the
      corporate world to working for yourself, please click here.
    • If you’re an investor looking for passive income, or an existing
      firm looking to grow through acquisitions, please click here.
    • If you’re interested in starting something new, please click here.
    • If you’d like to earn your way into business ownership, click here.
    • If you’re interested in franchise opportunities, please click here.
    • For an overview of the Buying a Business process, click here.

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